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Words to Music Music to Words

Art has many forms of expression. For some it is through the medium of paint. For myself it is in the composing of tunes, melodies and soundscapes to elevate the listener to a place of calm, a place of dreams, a place beyond the limitations of our daily lives.  And for people like my friend Chris, his art is in the use of words to convey a feeling, or create an imaginative setting where someone can wander, or to take someone on a journey into the otherwise private world of another person’s thoughts. 

The following are poems, thoughts and feelings about a variety of topics that he has pondered on throughout his life. "Words to Music" is a beautiful collection of thoughtful poetry and writtings set to hauntingly gentle and restful music.


Artwork design by Chris Porter

Words to Music Music to Words

  • CD 1. Words to Music


    1.   Facets and Faces of a Dreamer

    2.   Looking at Tomorrow Today from Yesterday

    3.   What is a Friend?

    4.   Silent thoughts Returned

    5.   My Next Breath

    6.   From Alpha to Omega

    7.   Another Chapter in my Life

    8.   Now its My turn to Live

    9.   Fallen Angel Rising

    10. Dreamer

    11. There are No more Tomorrows

    12. And Finally

    13. When I die


    Also available in the Download Store 



    CD 2. Music to Words


    1. Hidden Feelings (Voices of the Heart)

    2. Time Beyond the Mist (Syllabus of Magic)

    3. A Meeting of Minds (Syllabus of Magic) 

    4. Purity and Love (Reflections)

    5. Voice of the Heart (Voices of the Heart)

    6. Beyond the Light (Syllabus of Magic)

    7. Journey Within the Depths of Wisdom (Syllabus of Magic)

    8. In Search of a New Destiny (Echoes from the Mist) 


    Also comes with a CD sized book of all the poems and writings.

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