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Voices of the Heart

Voices of the Heart is a celebration in the sharing of love between two people.

The album is a web of musical textures provided by piano, choir, strings, and guitar.

Poems are layered over the opening and closing tracks to give an added dimension to the pieces enabling the listener to unlock the heart and soul.

The album takes a journey from the initial stages of love, and the expression of those feelings, through to the sadness and tears accompanied in the letting go.

Voices of the Heart is a warm album with messages that have inspirational effects, gentle, calming, healing and peaceful.


The cover artwork is called Angels in Love by Jack Shalatain,


The words on Voices of the Heart were written by Chris Porter and beautifully spoken by Samantha Boskey.


Voices of the Heart

  • 1. Hidden Feelings

    2. No Secrets

    3. To Touch the Dream

    4. Tender Embrace

    5. Thoughts of You

    6. Secret Whisper

    7. Forbidden Love

    8. Sadness of Missing You

    9. Tears of Passion

    10. Voice of the Heart


    Total Time 70 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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