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USB key & 3 Album Downloads

I'm very happy to present a new option for download and non CD users.


The official Neil H USB stick is a 4GB Wooden storage device, capable of storing Neil H album/single downloads.


There are 3 options available of either the USB Stick with 1, 2 or 3 album downloads.


Then should you wish to add any further downloads you can simply add them to the USB stick when purchased or bring your USB stick to any fairs where I can transfer the album download from my stall.


The USB sticks can then be used via any USB Port, via a computer, TV or even your car if it has that option.


Each USB stick comes in an Eco-friendly recycled gift box.



If you decide to purchase this option please click on "Add a Note" and state which is the album download of your choice, otherwise I will not know which album/albums to add to your USB stick, thank you.



USB key & 3 Album Downloads

  • Personalised Wooden 4GB USB Stick with 3 album downloads of your choice

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