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Syllabus of Magic - Merlin's Quest

The creation of the original 'Syllabus of Magic – Merlin’s Quest' goes back to 1997 on cassette tape.

Inspired by the chapter 'A Coversation with Merlin' from the book 'Personal Journeys' by Chris Porter.

The album represented a mystical journey back to the times of legend when Merlin’s magic affected the lives and visions of a hopeful nation emerging upon a changing world.

The album also features djembe drumming (kabudu style) by Torr McFarlane, giving the album a haunting moodiness and old world charm.

This is a 2 CD deluxe presentation with CD 1 being the full album and CD 2 the full Story written and narrated by Chris Porter. I wrote a new underscore as a soundscape to enhance the story and give a more mystical feel.

This 1000 only limited edition comes in a book format where you can also read the story yourself or just sit back and relax with the CD's.


The cover artwork for this album is called 'Transformation' by
Patrick Gamble

Also included and exclusive to the Deluxe Set is a beautiful 'Unicorn' art card by Patrick Gamble.



Syllabus of Magic - Merlin's Quest

  • Included in this Limited Deluxe Edition

    Disc 1

    1. Merlins Quest

    2. Time Beyond the Mist

    3. Mystic Journey

    4. Pathway to Wisdom

    5. Spellbound

    6. Beyond the Light

    7. To the Gateway of Eternity

    8. Everything is...Magic

    9. A Meeting of Minds

    10. Journey within the Depths of Wisdom


    Disc 1 Total Time 67 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 


    Disc 2

    1. A Conversation with Merlin - Written and Narrated by Chris Porter


    Disc 2 Audio Book time  35 minutes


    A 'Unicorn' Artcard by Patrick Gamble

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