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Secrets of Faeries

This album is basically a love story delving into the secret realm of Faerie. The cover painting by Jack Shalatain depicting the spiritual connection of Oberon and Titania reflects strongly in the music and was very inspirational to many of the albums restful themes.

Using harp, flutes, choirs and very much piano, this album emanates strong feelings that can touch the soul. The Dartmoor musician Nigel Shaw added his haunting flute to one of the two wedding songs that were specially written for this album. I feel the theme of love is one of the strong features within this music.

Secrets of Faeries has been a very popular album due to its totally relaxing nature. Also becoming recommended and used throughout the UK and Europe for healing and meditation due to each track being linked together to create a continuous flow of gentle and relaxing music.


Cover artwork "Oberon and Titania" by Jack Shalatain

Secrets of Faeries

  • 1. Secret Garden

    2. Wedding Song

    3. Moonpath

    4. Heartsong

    5. My Faerie Love

    6. Letting Go

    7. The Parting

    8. Dawnsong

    9. The Remembering


    Total Time 68 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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