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Seasons - The Readings

"Between the Summer of 2019 and Spring of 2020 Neil H had planned to perform four concerts, each celebrating the passing of one of the seasons.


To start off each concert Neil invited me to read something that I had written to act as a guided meditation for the audience."

Chris Porter 2021.


This album contains each of the four seasonal readings supported by music specially created for this project.

Chris beautifully narrates his words as a reflected thought whilst the music weaves through each season creating a space of peace and calm.

Featuring sounds of bird, river, wind in the trees and storm rumbles to add a natural element to each seasonal reading. 

Drift into a space of gentle relaxation and reflection through meditation.


Contents : CD album in jewel case, CD sized book containing written meditations. 

Seasons - The Readings

  • 1. Spring Reading

    2. Summer Reading

    3. Autumn Reading

    4. Winter Reading


    Total Time 60 minutes


    Also available in the Music Download Store.

    Samples available to listen to via the Music Samples page.

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