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The Seasons project took just under a year to complete. The idea being to create gentle, relaxing and uplifting soundscapes and textures inspired by the 'feeling' of each Season and to record these 'Seasonal' inspirations live and intuitive in concert. And so on or around each of the Equinox's and Solstice's starting from Summer 2019 these live performances were performed and recorded on beautiful Dartmoor, in the South West of the UK, at Manaton Parish Hall. Summer, Autumn and Winter were all created during these concerts apart from Spring. So to complete the whole project within the time frame of a year, during the Seasons, this piece became a Studio recording. My friend, fellow Dartmoor musician and beautiful Flute maker and player, Nigel Shaw collaborated with me on the Spring track where we shared sound files and created a beautifully gentle and haunting soundscape dedicated to Spring and to the re awakening of life after Winters hibernation. The cover artwork is by my lovely friend and artist Laura Cooper, whom I commissioned to share her visual interpretation of the Seasons from an energy perspective but with a more abstract approach.


  • CD 1.

    1. Spring featuring Nigel Shaw 

    2. Summer 

    Total Time 64 minutes


    CD 2.

    1. Autumn 

    2. Winter 

    Total Time 64 minutes


    Also available in the download store 

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