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Return to Magic

Return to Magic continues the "Merlin" story. 20 years after Syllabus of Magic I wanted to return to the land of magic and myth to find out what life's journey so far had given. Return to Magic is more uplifting and full of various grooves and dramatic themes taking the listener on a new journey into the world of understanding and potential. The message from the music and words are to remember to always enjoy the moment that is now. This is a 2 CD release with the first CD being music with narration bridging the gaps between the tracks and the second CD is the full story written and fully narrated by Chris Porter. Return to the World of myth and inspiration...Return to Magic.


Glastonbury Tor painting by Laura Cooper


Merlin image "Transformation" by Patrick Gamble

Return to Magic

  • CD 1. Return to Magic


    1. A Place So long ago Forgotten

    2. Returning

    3. Somewhere in my Mind...Sometime in my Past

    4. Nothing has Changed

    5. The Moment is Now

    6. The Journey is the Purpose

    7. Truth is Truth

    8. At Oneness with All


    Total Time 58 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 


    CD 2 . Return to Magic - The Story -


    1. Return to Magic -The Story Narrated by Chris Porter with new music by Neil H


    Total Time 35 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 





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