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Resonation of the Zodiac

Resonation of the Zodiac is sound journey that was inspired by and connects all the signs of the zodiac.

Resonation of the Zodiac is also a bridge between some of my previous works where it combines the vibrational sound healing of the “Resonation Series” with the non distracting ambient drifting feel that is the “Reflective Series”.
As with most of my recent work Zodiac was recorded fully in the 432Hz

What's so special about 432 Hz you might ask? Well, according to some music theorists, it's the frequency at which the universe vibrates.
Listening to a sound at 432 Hz is especially pleasing to the ear, and said to reduce stress and promote emotional stability by putting you in sync with
the “heartbeat of the Earth.


Resonation of the Zodiac is available in a couple of options.
As a 2CD album with CD1 containing the Aries to Virgo tracks and CD2 containing the Libra to Pisces tracks.
Or via Download where you can download the entire album or just choose your own zodiac sign as an individual download track.
Also you can listen to samples of each zodiac sign track via the Music Samples page.

For this album I was very fortunate to be given permission to use another stunning piece of artwork by the Portuguese artist Joma Sipe.
His painting “Heaven in a Wild Flower” is a vital connection to the zodiac project as it represents in painting the visual link to the music.
As Joma’s work has featured on all of the “Reflective Series” albums it was only right that his creative expression through sacred geometry and equal fascination and passion for the Universe should grace the cover.
For more on the work of joma Sipe visit his website

Resonation of the Zodiac

  • CD1. 







    Total Time 66 mins









    Total Time 66 mins


    Also available as full album download and single Zodiac Sign track download from the Music Download Store 


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