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Resonation of the Planets

Resonation of the Planets – there will be very few who have not at some time looked at the dark sky and pondered on the mysteries of the stars and wonder about what secrets are hidden behind the blanket of darkness. Neil has attempted to capture the resonance of each planet expressing its nature and character in a musical expression that conjures up their majesty and awe. This recording was made at a live performance in Cornwall. There was no rehearsal; the creation of the total concept is heard in the same way and format as those that attended the event.

By using a method of connecting Numbers, Letters and Sound which vibrates through the Chakras each planet name has been given its own vibrational chord. This means that there are no traditional chords being used throughout the album. The result is a vibrational sound journey through our cosmos with atmospheric effects. The idea being to sit and feel the sounds of each planet, tuning in to its vibration and resonating with its energy, as you would during a sound healing with Gongs, Tibetan Bowls etc.

Resonation of the Planets is good for deep meditation.

Resonation of the Planets

  • 1. Sun

    2. Mercury

    3. Venus

    4. Earth

    5. Moon

    6. Mars

    7. Jupiter

    8. Saturn

    9. Uranus

    10. Neptune

    11. Pluto

    12. Charon


    Total Time 67 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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