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Resonating Colour

Resonating Colour is the fourth in the Resonation series of sound work. The idea being to sit and feel or work with vibrational sounds. This album focuses on Colour and resonates in sequence of the seven Chakras. Starting at the root with 'Red' and building up to the divine 'Purple' at the crown. Great for meditaion and all types of alternative therapy. Resonating Colour also features Tom Brennan performing Native American Flute on the opening track 'Red' as I wanted a more earthier texture for the root sound. Each piece weaves seamlessly through 73 minutes of very peaceful, gentle and healing music. Cover art work is "The Colours of Life" by Laura Cooper, which I had especially commissoned for this project. Laura painted what she felt from listening to the completed sound work.

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Resonating Colour

  • 1.Red








    Total Time 73 mins

    Also available in the Download Store 

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