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Mermaid touches the heart and gently weaves its way through 62 minutes of peaceful music. The sound of the Mermaids song guides you on a special journey helping you to find your own inner calmness. The haunting aria's of Natalie Shaw's voice create haunting space's of peace and reflection.

Mermaid continues my interest in producing music connected with mystic and mythological themes. Secrets of Faeries and Unicorn complete this series of work.

Suitable for all types of alternative therapies, meditation and healing.


Mermaid artwork by Patrick Gamble



  • 1. Into the Abyss

    2. To Dream of Pearls

    3. Divine

    4. Soulmates

    5. Beauty from the Depths

    6. Sacred Space

    7. Purest Heart

    8. Ocean Goddess

    9. Mermaid


    Total Time 62 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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