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Mandalas is the third release of my 'Reflective' series.

I was inspired by the Mandala series of work by friend and artist Joma Sipe, whom's work is also used on Novus Initium and Portals. I focused on each of the seven Mandalas and created a soundscape to simply drift into.

Great for meditation, healing and all types of alternative therapy. Mandalas is, along with Novus Initium and Portals, aimed to not be distracting and so gives the space for the listener to just simply be at one with themselves and to find their inner calmness. 


Cover artwork 'Mandalas' by Joma Sipe.

For more of his work visit  


  • 1. Part I

    2. Part II

    3. Part III

    4. Part IV

    5. Part V

    6. Part VI

    7. Part VII


    Total Time 70 Minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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