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Love and Friendship Chris

In December of 1985 Chris produced sixty copies of a book that contained a selection of his poems called ‘The Progress of a Modern Day Pilgrim on the Road of Life’. It was a collection of thoughts, feelings and prose on his attitudes at the time towards religion, ethics, and morals.

After receiving some positive feedback he decided to compile another book based on what are still for him the strongest motivating forces that have guided Chris through his life and accompanied his signature since the age of sixteen - those of ‘Love and Friendship’.

This compilation is based on his thoughts regarding love, friendship and relationships, building on the original book that was created back in 1986.


Due to the response from the album 'Words to Music - Music to Words' Chris and I worked on putting together a CD of some of the poems being read by Chris with my musical accompaniment.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful collection of words and sounds, and that some of the meanings resonate with your life and experiences.


Artwork design by Chris Porter


Your purchase includes:

  • One CD sized book containing thirty seven original writings by Chris Porter
  • A CD containing some of the poems read by Chris Porter with new music by Neil H

Love and Friendship Chris

  • Love and Friendship - The Album -


    1. Lost and Lonely Deep Inside

    2. An Essay on Love and Friendship

    3. I Remember the First Time

    4. The Agelessness of True Friendship

    5. Take My Hand

    6. Saying "Goodbye"

    7. With this Breath


    Total Time 30 mins

    Also available in the Download Store 


    Love and Friendship - The Book -


    CD booklet sized book of all poems and writings.



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