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Elements 3CD Box Set

Elements isn't a 'best of' but brings together for the first time a specially selected collection of work that spans 27 years from 1993 up to 2020. Included in this 3 CD Box Set are previously unreleased material and also other tracks that were only ever available via the now deleted 'Reflections' EP and 'Secret World' album. 

CD 1 'Reflective Moments' is focused on meditation, peace and well being. All the tracks are woven together in one seamless piece and so invites the listener to simply 'be' with themselves and to relax.

CD 2 'Themes and Dreams' welcomes the listener into realms of myth and fantasy, along with connecting with Nature. Every track again linked together to create a continous flow on its way through realms of enchantment and a feeling of peace and love.

CD 3 'Uplifting and Inspiring' is full of vibrant energy and has a continous flow of varied rhythms with uplifting messages and grooves to give a positive feeling. This CD contains many tracks until now not released and also brings back popular tracks that were always an uplifting end to many of the live concerts and performances I've given over the years.

Elements is over 3 hours of music and a sonic reflection of my life's journey in sound so far.


Featuring the following Musicians and Narrators:

Tom Brennan - Native American Flute

Nigel Shaw - Dartmoor Elm Flute

Scott Jasper - Frame Drum and Male Vocals

Natalie Shaw - Female Vocals

Debbie Wander - Female Narrator

Chris Porter - Male Narrator 

Elements 3CD Box Set

  • CD 1. Reflective Moments - Total time 67 mins

    1. Sun 

    2. Echoes Past (extract) 

    3. Dunami (extract)

    4. Zen Meditation Set 2 (extract)

    5. Inner Sanctuary 

    6. Portals Part IV (extract)

    7. Mandalas Part II (extract)

    8. Uriel

    9. Blue

    10. Novus Initium Part III (extract)

    11. The Voice shaman mix 


    CD 2. Themes and Dreams - Total time 72 mins

    1. Gateway to the Realm of Dreams

    2. An Enlightening Dream

    3. Stillness Part 2

    4. Song of the Dreaming Pool

    5. From the Depths of your Soul

    6. Healing Part 2

    7. Sadness of Missing You

    8. The Parting

    9. To Dream of Pearls (extract) 

    10. Out from the Woods

    11. Tender Care 


    CD 3. Uplifting and Inspiring - Total time 60 mins

    1. Voyage to an Unknown Destiny

    2. The Hunter

    3. Time to Move on

    4. The Voice (Purity and Love) 

    5. The Moment is Now 

    6. Wave Dancers

    7. Beyond the Storm

    8. To the Gateway of Eternity

    9. Try the Train - previously unreleased

    10. Pintura Movement VI


    Also available via the Download Store

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