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Echoes from the Mist

Echoes from the Mist was inspired by dreams and journeys, past and future – to move on and create your own destiny in life.

The album contains ten songs each with its own story, journey and connection, using natural sounds of bird life, wind through the trees and thunder storms. Instrument samples include flute, piano, guitar, strings and choir.

Echoes from the Mist is a restful and inspirational album.


The words on "In Search of a New Destiny" were written by Chris Porter and spoken by Elaine Perkins.


Cover artwork “The Awakening” by Andrew Forrest

Echoes from the Mist

  • 1. An Enlightening Dream

    2. Silhouette

    3. A Lost Past Remembered

    4. Beyond the Storm (Into Light)

    5. Softness and Light

    6. From Start to Finish

    7. Daybreaks Early Rising

    8. Tropical Dream Flight

    9. Movement Beyond

    10. In Search of a New Destiny


    Total Time 64 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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