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Delicate Touch

Delicate Touch – was inspired through a conversation with internationally renowned Reiki master Alan J. Burnett. I, therefore, decided to make an album that was suitable for use in meditation, or during Reiki healing. The result is a gentle musical journey that inspires and relaxes the listener. Instrumental samples used include choirs, harp, flute, piano and guitar. The album begins with the sound of a heartbeat to ground the listener. It then lifts and carries the listener through 68 minutes of soft and light textures of relaxing music.

Delicate Touch has been one of my best selling albums for all types of healing, as well as meditation, Yoga and Massage.


The cover artwork is called 'Healing Hands' by Patrick Gamble

Delicate Touch

  • 1. Caverns of the Subconcious

    2. Candlelight Dreams

    3. Moments in Silence

    4. Rekindling the Dream

    5. Forever Floating

    6. Spirit Guardian

    7. Landscape of Dreams

    8. From the Depths of your Soul

    9. Delicate Touch


    Total Time 69 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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