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Angels of Second Heaven

Angels of Second Heaven is the third release in the Resonation series of albums, that work by using the vibrational effects of sound. By Resonating, or by allowing ourselves to tune in, to these vibrational tones, we can become more relaxed allowing the body and mind to be more calm.

Each track is made up of a blend of very gentle and peaceful sounds including Harp, soft Piano, Choirs and atmospheric sweeps to create a feeling of peace and serenity. Neil again worked with Carolyn Bowyer, as he did with Resonation of Angels, to help understand the way that these three groups of Angels work in healing and how they can help us. “The second realm is made up of the Angel Powers or Exousiai, the Angel Virtues or Dunamis and the Angel Dominions or Kuriotetes. These three sets of Angels work together, to help bring peace on Earth and throughout the Universe. This would appear to be a monumental task but these Angels never give up on us and do their best to encourage us to become at peace with ourselves, so that peace may come to Earth”. These words are taken from Carolyn’s book “Angels of the First Heaven” which is available in 2007. For information go to

Angels of Second Heaven is 65 minutes in length with each Angel group track being around 20 minutes in length. This makes this album good for all kinds of healing therapy as well as mediation. This is very calming and peaceful music with the undertoning drones of each Angel group to help bring peace and relaxation.

Angels of Second Heaven

  • 1. Dunami - Angel Virtues

    2. Kuriotetes - Angel Dominions

    3. Exousiai - Angel Powers


    Total Time 65 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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