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“Generative music is a form of music in which a piece of music creates itself from an initial set of musical elements and behaviours and rules defined by the composer and/or a system (natural or artificial).

It is an “approach to music creation concerning itself with neither improvisation nor explicit composition, but rather with framing an indeterminate system from which music can emerge”.

I’ve always liked the idea of music ‘evolving’ and so drifting as a space where it can aid relaxation and bring a peace of mind.
And so the next volume in the reflective series of music was born.


As with all of my work I never question where it comes from and simply
respond to the ‘feeling’ or the expression of the moment.
I’ve wanted to try, for sometime now, creating a sound work that could drift around for an hour without repeating the same patterns and so would ‘evolve’.

Aether is the first of this work but it felt right to be part of the reflective series, along with Novus Initium, Portals, Mandalas and Reverie.
Spaces of sound that are non distractive.

Aether was recorded at 432Hz like Peace so to resonate with the
frequencies of the Universe and to connect with nature.


Spiritual meaning of Aether
"The element of Aether or Spirit is the celestial energy that fills all spaces.
The Greeks saw it as being higher than the Earth plane, and also felt that Aether played a role in well known phenomena like gravity.
In Metaphysical tradition, the concept of spirit goes much further.
It is in effect, the Monad the centre of the sacred space, the mandala of the Universe and beyond.
In the patterns of the cosmos Aether is the elusive 5th element that has
circular motion verses fixed Elementals that move in lines.
Effectively, the Spirit Element does not follow any particular rule of energy, but rather it IS the rule. It is the glue of the Gods."


Cover artwork "The Wheel of Life" by Joma Sipe


  • 1. AETHER


    Total Time 61 minutes


    Also available in the Download Music Store

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